12th November 2014 Biella, Città Studi
Corso Giuseppe Pella 2b - 13900 Biella (BI) - Italy


According to recent estimates, technical textiles in Europe represent about 30% of the entire textile sector turnover – with about 30 billion euros, 15,000 companies and 300,000 employees. Furthermore, including also incomes from related productive sectors with which textiles interact, it is estimated that the total value of the European textile industry could be about 50 billion euros. The importance of this scenario is not to be neglected - since in recent years the production of our country gained a growing leading role in this sector at an international level.

It is to be remarked that, along with production outsourcing trends, there are some signs of a back-reshoring phenomenon related to high added value products. However - in order to keep on being active players in the global economy and to favor a new positioning of companies in the leading segments of the market – suitable industrial strategies focused on technological innovations and useful tools to strengthen Italian competitiveness take precedence.

Facing such a scenario, organized in Biella by TexClubTec, the Unione Industriale Biellese and the cooperation of Pointex, NanoItalTex 2014 (10th edition) is willing to be an occasion of technological update as well as a chance to analyze the current situation and focus on future perspectives for the sector.

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